Good job Fring, should i say hard luck …

Comment posted Frings iPhone App making Video Calls possible on iPhone by Bugs.

Good job Fring, should i say hard luck or lacking in the design for iphone(Apple).

do you(Jawad) or anone know if fring works on HTC or not.

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  • Say Goodbye to paper, use Boogie Board
    does it have inbuilt memory?
    If not then i would rather wait for this addition and then go for it…
    and moreover ‘Improv Electronics features technology’ is going to launch the next version with the option of computer connectivity.
  • MonoMouse makes text magnified on the screen
    So it is basically a projector whose input is through a camera and output is similar to any conentional projector.

    The fact which needs consideration is: is it wireless or not.
    if not, it is ookay but if it connects to the television by a chord then is it long enough to cover the room or will the user put a new chair right next to his television?

  • Headphones that can stop Noise from annoying you!
    as far as i know it is the first time something of this sort has been made… and further more to have fine by fine i mean really fine you ned to have headphone rather than the miniature earplugs.
  • Revolutionize computer memory – 5 Ways
    I agree with Kerri, alot of different options have been discussed and those too containing technical information.

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