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You can use MxTube software ,developed by MxWeas, to download youtube videos on iphone. The function of direct playing of the video is also available but I personally use a separate youtube application for using youtube (if I am not in a downloading mood) because MxTube can give you the video results based on search only. Otherwise, it doesn’t show the top videos of YouTube.

By the way, this is one of the applications which Apple don’t want on your iphone. I think you have guessed by now, it works only on jail broken phones. Just one more thing before we discuss the steps to download the video. The version 1.5c have a feature of TV out, so you can play your youtube videos on TV. Here is what the developer says about the new option on MxWeas website.

All users on firmware 2.x can now download MxTube 1.5c! This minor revision updates MxTube to support TV Out. I’ve made the transition into the movie player a little smoother as well. Thanks to BigBoss ( this update is now available in Cydia. I’ve decided to write MxTube 2.0 from the ground up and fix the numerous downloader mistakes I made in 1.5. I’m going to take a look at the new YouTube application in 3.0 to see how they handle user accounts. If possible, it will be a feature in MxTube 2.0.


Lets come to the procedure, it’s quite simple.

Step 1: Open up the application. On the start page, there will be four tabs at the bottom as shown below:


Choose search tab.

Step 2: Write the search word, select “YouTube Mobile” and then tap “search”


Choose the video you want to download out of the search result.

Britney_Search  Download_Video  Download_Quality

Step 3: The “Downloads” tab will show the progress bar like in iTunes. After the download is completed, go to “Videos” tab to play the video.


Currently “FLV+Convert” option isn’t working as it says “Feature unavailable”. Let’s see if this can be fixed in later versions!

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