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Sketches is one of the applications which was available on iTunes store at the very first day of its opening. At that time, the price of this application was $7.99 but since then there was a storm of applications entering the iTunes store and apparently price of applications dropped as the quantity increased. The fate of Sketches was not much different and today you can buy it on iTunes for just $0.99.

However, LateNiteSoft has come back with a lot of improvements in Sketches and the new version is being called “Sketches 2”. The developers will take one buck more for the improvements which means you will be able to get the new version from iTunes Store for $1.99. Sketches 2 is something which we didn’t get from Sketches. In other words, broken links have been fixed in the new version. Here is what they fixed, Sketches 2 has come up with a lot of improvements in the user interface and now you can work on the chosen image without being annoyed by the tools hanging all over your picture. Other that that, there has been an addition of the tools like brush and a zoom feature.

The option of export is of course available which means you can make a snap your masterpiece and send to a friend! Well, here is what I made …. its simple one but that’s pretty ok with someone who is starting off with an improved software. 🙂


Some default snaps inside Sketches 2  do give us a birds eye view of what we can do with it. Here are a few of them:

IMG_0725   IMG_0723   IMG_0722

One last thing, you can export by tapping the letter symbol at the bottom right corner as you can see in the above snapshots. From the export menu, you will have an option to send the snap directly to the photo album or send it via email. You can send it to twitter as well, so I guess you will be excited making up some snap and tweet it!

Download Sketches 2 via iTunes Store

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