Coming Soon: ProSwitcher – Free OpenSource Multitasking iPhone App for Jailbroken iPhones

Old jailbroken iPhone users must be familiar with multitasking applications like Backgrounder, which is a free application with very basic multitasking options.

As with Backgrounder you don’t find too many options, a few weeks ago we came across another iPhone application for jailbroken iPhones called multifl0w that was a successor of Backgrounder and was much more refined. Though the features offered in the application were exciting but the price $5 was bit too expensive considering that it is built on top of Backgrounder which itself is free.

Here we have another iPhone application for jailbroken iPhones users to enjoy multitasking functionality, this application is called ProSwitcher that provides all features same as multifl0w but all that for free. Our first impression about this application is that it is faster and much easier to use than any other multitasking iPhone application around. ProSwitcher is a very light application which uses way less memory than its competitor applications. The best part about the application is that it is kept open-sourced by the developer Ryan Petrich.

ProSwitcher is highly inspired from the multitasking features available on the Palm Pre WebOS, earlier the app was named “PreSwitcher” to avoid potential legal trouble the name was changed to ProSwitcher.

Following is the screenshot of the ProSwitcher in iPhone app:


Currently, ProSwitcher is in beta testing and will be ready for release in a few weeks time by the officials. If you are so eager to test it, the beta version of the jailbreak app is available on Ryan Petrich official website.

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