Backup and Restore Cydia Applications using PkgBackup

What would you do if you have to install a new firmware on your iPhone and have a lot of Cydia packages installed as well? One option is to delete everything and then reinstall if you remember them. The other option, the much better one is PkgBackup. It too is a Cydia application which allows you to backup and restore all your Cydia packages in your iPhone. Other options of PkgBackup are that you can even share, exchange or send your packages list to other on facebook.

Another available option to backup your data is to use AptBackup but it really does not work that well, furthermore it has not been updated for a long time so it does not work well with the new operating system. Whereas PkgBackup is easier to use and it updated. It is available on Cydia Store for $1.99.

PkgBackup 1 PkgBackup 2 PkgBackup 3

Creating Backup and Restoring it:

How to make a Backup

  1. To view the list of packages to backup, tap on the active packages.
  2. Once the package list is displayed, you will see them all in blue colour, which means all are selected, to deselect double tap the package and it will turn black.
  3. Option to select and deselect a package appears on the Package Details view. It can be viewed by tapping once on a package.
  4. Now go back to the main view and hit “BackUp”. An address book entry will be created.
  5. Time to synchronize your iPhone with your computer

How to Restore your Backup

  1. To view the list of packages to restore tap on the Active Packages.
  2. When the package List is displayed all uninstalled packages are selected (blue colour) and deselect (black colour) them by tapping twice.
  3. Tap once to view the package Details. Packages can be selected or deselected on this view for restoration.
  4. Come back to the main view and hit “Restore” button to start restoring.
  5. You have successfully completed the operation. All packages will now be restored in their latest version.

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