Apple reveals more reference of camera with iPhone OS 3.2 SDK Beta 3

Here is good news, the latest beta version iPhone OS 3.2 has been released by Apple to the developers of its iPhone Developer program, but without any detail of its updates. It is the third beta version iPhone OS 3.2. The last beta version had some interesting features and code name for next generation of iPhone and iPod Touch. But this latest version doesn’t offer any detail and Apple has immediately pulled the updates.


Some of the developers have downloaded the latest beta version and according to them there were many bugs in the update and that might be the reason why Apple has pulled of the updates without explanation.

Bellow you can see some screen shots of the Photo application published by 9to5Mac, included in the latest beta version:


It is reported by Mac4Ever that the app also include a Camera Tab, which can be seen in the screen shot. But 9to5Mac reported something else; according to them it could be related to iPad’s ability to interface with camera and not iPhone.


Just like through iPhone you can send photos via email, according to 9to5Mac this feature is now available in iPad, which is the latest update.


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