Another punch for Apple iBoot, iKey will make Untethered jailbreak even simpler


In the last jailbreaking technique, we introduced iDongle which could be used to launch jailbroken iPhone without jailbreaking it again, a technique for Untethered jailbreak. Read about iDongle for Untethered jailbreak. Now, I am going to introduce another similar device known as iKey which will be used for Untethered jailbreak, the same purpose which iDongle served. However, iKey looks out to be much more slim and efficient. Take a look at the following video:

At this point, we cannot say any further since Deviljailbre0k haven’t rolled out anything other than this youtube video. But the video shows that iKey is much simpler than iDongle and it is looking smart too. Let’s see when they come up with this device distributed to the market.


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