TaskSwitchXP – Smart way to Switch between the programs

Last night, I was doing multiple tasks. Hence, there were about 20 files and apps opened at the same time on my laptop. I felt quite frustrated while making a switch over between the programs since Alt+TAB gave a little text description of the document and that’s all. So, I made my Google adventure to find a software that could really help me out in my mess. In searching through a dozen of sites, I came across this little beauty called ‘TaskSwitchXP’ that does exactly one wants for a program switchover.

TaskSwitchXP shows not only the document title but it gives a preview which actually helps a lot in recognizing the right document or application. Actually, the ALT+TAB document title listing works well when all the applications are different like when you have opened one Microsoft document and an excel sheet in parallel but in the case when you have opened a bunch of excel files, its quite difficult to land on a right document. TaskSwitchXP comes to the rescue in this situation.

This program runs in the background with an icon appearing in the tool bar as well. While the software is running, pressing ALT+TAB gives you something previewed as follows:


As you can see, the program titles are listed on the right and its preview is available on the left side of the window.  Certainly, that’s a way to switch between the programs in a quick fashion. TaskSwitchXP provides a bunch of configuration options which makes the software highly customizable for example if you want to change the hot keys, just go to the HotKeys section of the configuration and make your move. I hope you would love this software.

Download TaskSwitchXP Pro

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