Recover your precious data from damaged CD/DVD full of scratches

CD and DVD are included in a reliable source for storing your data. Is that so? That might be true to some extent but what about a situation when your important data is no more recoverable from a CD or a DVD due to scratches? I guess, you will be categorizing CD/DVD as an unreliable storage if such a thing happens to you. Well, be patient and I hope after reading this article, you won’t be destroying your CD or a DVD right away. You surely will hold your hands when you come to know that it’s possible to recover some important data from your damaged DVD.

CD recovery toolbox” gives you a solution to a damaged media. It recovers important files and folders from a media which is not directly in a readable position. Well. of course all your data might not be recoverable if the CD or a DVD is severely damaged. However, as always,  something is better than nothing and still you have some hope of recovering data – remember?

The installation and usage, both are pretty simple. It runs a wizard helping you step by step. Initially, the software will detect the files and folders from the media and then ask you to choose particular data , which might be important for you, to recover.


Most importantly, it is a free software. You can download it as under:

Download CD Recovery Toolbox

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