Recording Games with Full Version of FRAPS 3.1.1

I came across this software while making a desperate search on internet for a tool which can record PC games. It was a desperate search because it took me 2 hours before I found this gem. Initially I used a trial version but it was a set back since it adds a water mark to the videos in the limited trial version. However, soon after trying that finally I bought it.

The software can not only record videos but also give you an option to take a screen snapshot with a push of a button. If you remember, I introduced software named ‘LightShot’ which allowed us to take snaps with the pressing of ‘Print Scrn’ button on the keyboard but FRAPS goes two steps further by allowing you to choose the function key which you feel convenient with, the image format can also be chosen among BMP, JPG, PNG and TGA. The snap is automatically stored in the path which you specify.

Coming to the movie capturing, you can choose the FPS rate, for the heavy games its better to keep the FPS to 30 or less since higher frames rate consumes memory making your game experience choppy. The maximum resolution of capture is 2560×1600. Whether sound should be recorded can be chosen. As you must have observed, FRAPS gives you a freedom to make variety of settings of your choice, that’s the best part about it. Lastly, you can produce a game movie with your commentary as well. Check out the following tutorial, the tutorial uses an old version but don’t worry there isn’t much change. (Download Link after the tutorial)

FREE Download FRAPS 3.1.0

FREE Download FRAPS 3.1.1

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