PDF OCR Free yet powerful; It Can Convert your Scanned PDF Documents to Text

PDF OCR – Where to use it ?

Sometimes it happens that you are unable to make a text selection in a PDF document, this usually is the case for the scanned documents which basically appears as an image on the PDF document and clicking it selects it as a whole without the capability to copy some text from it. If you do want to copy text, however, you’ll have to use software which is using an OCR technology for the conversion of that scanned page to text format.

What is OCR ?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is a technology which interprets the characters displayed in the PDF document with the help of an algorithm. PDF OCR is software which uses this technology to convert your PDF documents to text. Let’s take a close look.

PDF OCR – Some Description


PDF OCR has two windows which are independent of one another, which means you are able to move the second window irrespective of the position of the first window on the screen and vice versa. The left window displays a PDF document; the PDF doc can be read in this window with the options of Zoom in, Zoom out, Contract the doc to actual size and showing/hiding the pages index. On the other hand, right window is PDF OCR Editor; this is a window where you’ll see the output. After the PDF document is converted to text, you can edit the text in PDF OCR Editor and save the output in .doc or .txt formats.

Output is clumsy when it comes to handwritten text

I converted some sample documents with PDF OCR and found that the software interprets many words incorrectly. This especially is the case when you have some handwritten text on a scanned PDF document. The resulting text in the PDF Editor is a series of non-sense characters.

PDF OCR FREE Software Result

So, as you can see, the words typed from keyboard are easily recognizable but in contrast handwritten comments don’t make it well.

How to use PDF OCR?

PDF OCR is extremely easy to use. Choose File>>Open PDF and select the PDF you want to convert to text. After the selected PDF is loaded in to the left window, you can click the ‘Start OCR’ option to start the conversion process. You can choose to convert complete document to text or mention the page to be converted. It will take a few seconds to convert the document and soon you will have all that text in the right window to be modified.

PDF OCR Free Download

Now coming to delicious part, PDF OCR is a free software as the title suggests ‘PDF OCR Free yet …’. PDF OCR works on both 32 and 64 bit version of Windows Operating System. Download it as follows:

Download PDF OCR FREE Software


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