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Today I came across this simple tool of taking snaps of the selected portion of the desktop. After the installation was over, I tried to use it and guess what? I didn’t know how to move on with it. I found a purple leaf icon on my taskbar and I knew that’s certainly ‘LightShot’ as that was the newly added one. So, I right click the icon but it showed no more than “About” and “Exit” options. I tried “About” but showed no information how to operate it.

By chance, I tried “Print Screen” button and my desktop screen became dark and my cursor showed a little text information, below it, saying: ‘Click and Drag’. I selected the portion of my desktop to be copied and it gave me the store options as mentioned in detail below:

Edit Online:

It will take you to Light Shot website where you can play with the image using Photoshop all from your browser. A cool option for Photoshop lovers.


It uploads the image to the Light Shot website and gives you back a quick URL for accessing it directly through web.

Full Screen:

It selects the entire screen.


It copies a selected image which you can paste it in paint or anywhere else where you like.


It gives you options to save it as .png or .jpeg or .bmp on the drive.


It cancels the snap taking process.

The software also comes as a Firefox/IE addon which means it will integrate with your browser and will appear as a purple leaf on the right side of the address bar. You can click the leaf icon to select the portion of the website and do the above mentioned operations on the selected image.

In summary, it is an easiest tool which we have right now for copying selected screen unless you don’t know that it all starts with a ‘Print Screen’ button.

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