How to – Copy a DVD Movie to your Hard Drive

People who love to collect and store their favorite seasons, home videos etc on DVDs. What if your entire DVD collection is lost? Your dog ate al your seasons, or your kids scratched them by mistake, or any mishap happens to them!! You’ll be ending up with nothing in hand and all your precious and memorable data or things are gone…


A very simple solution to this problem is that to have a backup of all your DVDs before any mishap happens. “DVD Decrpter” a very popular application which copy an entire DVD onto your computer’s hard drive, and bypasses any copy protection mechanisms. But it has a drawback, as new copy protection algorithms are frequently being created, this application haven’t been updated since 2005. So it may cause some problem.

Well you don’t need to worry, we have another option for you, and that is Free DVD. It copy’s entire movie to your computer’s hard disk and removes all the traces of copy protection. The best thing about this application is that it does not require any installation, and is frequently updated.

Steps to how you copy a DVD movie on your computer’s hard disk:

  • Open your DVD drive, and place the DVD movie you wish copy
  • Then open the contents of the DVD using file explorer like “Windows Explorer”.
  • There will be a folder “VIDEO_TS”, copy this folder to any location on your hard drive


  • Now you need to Download the free version of “Free DVD “ not the Platinum, and run the application, no need to install it and it’s 44KB.


  • After running the Free DVD, select VIDEO_TS folder, the one you copied in your hard disk.
  • A message will be prompted, it will notify you about the restriction that will be removed.


  • Although there is no need of any adjustment in the setting, but if need arises go ahead and do it.
  • There will be “Free DVD!” button, press it and all the copy restriction from the movie will be removed.
  • Now if you desire to put this video on a DVD, for that you can use a program “DVD Shrink”. This program also removes the copy protection. But there is one problem that might occur while using DVD Shrink that it is over a year old program so it is possible that it won’t work with some DVDs.
  • But it is recommended that you use Free DVD first before DVD Shrink then all the problems will be resolved. The best thing about DVD Shrink is that it cuts down the size of the video so that it can fit in the normal DVD.

Download Free DVD for free. . .

Download DVD Shrink for free. . .

With Free DVD, backing up your DVDs is now easy. And now you can store lots of DVDs in a small place (your computer hard disk). Now DVDs won’t be lying around.

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