Glint Monitors Hundreds of System Resources


For Windows users, who are interested and crazy about system monitoring applications but are somehow overwhelmed that they monitor very less, only memory and CPU usage. Here is something good for you, “Glint” is a freeware and more is better system monitor.

It monitors:

  • Up-to 200 different aspects of computer’s system and resource usage.
  • Delve deeply into how your computer is operating.
  • It is not limited to monitoring just the overall memory use, for example, you can monitor memory caching, paging, page faults, commit limit, and more.
  • Glint can monitor 34 distinct memory-related variables.
  • For most of us monitoring only memory and CPU usage is enough but Glint is handy visual indicator, that indicates might be causing your system slow down

Download Glint for free. . .

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