Get Facebook Notifications on Windows Live Messenger


Facebook has become a phenomenon and it is difficult to stay away from it. However, it is a fact that Facebook eats out our precious time. previously I introduced a Facebook sidebar gadget whose purpose is to stay up-to-date and at the same time save our time. However, this time I am introducing a Facebook gadget which can be integrated with Windows Live Messenger giving a marvelous look.

Let me come straight to its installation procedure:

Step 1:

Download Latest Windows Live Messenger from the following URL. If you already have the Live Messenger, skip this step.

Download Windows Live Messenger

Step 2:

Download Messenger Plus! Which will be integrated with you Live Messenger.

Download Messenger Plus!

After download is complete, install Messenger Plus with the default options. It’s pretty easy to install.

Step 3:

Download the following program.

Download Facebook Notifier

Extract it and it will show an icon as shown below:


Step 4:

Now execute the extracted file. Follow the following 5 sub-steps.



Choose ‘import’.



Click OK.


Run Live Messenger, click the icon circled as red in the following snap.


Choose ‘Notifications’ under ‘Facebook Notifications’.



Click ‘Login’ button, it will take you to the browser displaying the following Facebook message. Click ‘Allow’.


Close the browser and go to Live Messenger, it will be showing the following message, click ‘continue’.




Enjoy live notifications from Facebook straight to your Live Messenger.

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