Flickery 1.7, better than ever?


Flickery is a Mac-based client for Flickr, a great resource for photos, which can search,browse, upload and download photos from Flickr. Other than that, you can share photos on twitter,email and even on your blog with Flickery. It is a great time saver and has an outstanding interface.

Last October, Flickery 1.6 was released with an addition of new features like the batch editing of photos, Core Location integration and video trimming.  They were of course great features but the new version i-e 1.7 is no doubt a holiday gift for people loving Flikr. New features added to this release are preferences panel, auto-resizing , set the photo as a desktop background,drag n drop integration with Finder and much more. Although, Flickery 1.6 is very stable yet there has been some fixes in 1.7 removing potential crashes and bugs.

Good news is that Flickery is on sale till the 1st of January. Purchasing it now will save you 25% of the cost. So, if you are interested, you better hurry up!

Get Flickery 1.7

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