Find the culprit for blue Screen of death!

My laptop’s built-in adapter became faulty about an year ago. At that time, I bought D-Link  Fast Ethernet USB 2.0 adapter (DUB-E100). Truly speaking, this adapter has given me a lot of grief since then. I tried it on both XP and windows 7 but nothing improved. What’s ugly about it is that it makes window crash bringing blue screen of death all over my screen. This usually occurs when you plug in the adapter while some other device already plugged in to some other USB port, however this occurs occasionally only. Below is the picture of my cute little external adapter.


The purpose of this post is not to show that the adapter is a culprit but I wanted to introduce to you “WhoCrashed” software which can dump the debug information during the crash and then show it to you later on when you run the software on a next run. One thing to note is that the blue screen of death is not always caused by a hardware failure rather it is mostly caused by the device drivers or the kernel modules. In case of my adapter, usually the following error occurs “DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL” which means that the device has referenced an invalid address in the memory.

The latest version of “WhoCrashed” is now available for Windows 7. When you run the software and hit “Analyze” button, the dump data is displayed showing debug information along with the reason why your PC crashed.


Download WhoCrashed

By the way, Windows 7 also shows you information about the last crash and allows you to search online for a solution to the problem.


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