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This is a fact that today a lot of subtitle formats exist and as with any other thing; some are more popular than the others. Popular formats are usually supported by the media players cornering the less popular formats. This means that there is a fair chance of coming across a subtitle format which is not supported by the media player. The possible solution to this issue at hand is that you search for the same subtitle in different formats which will no doubt kill your time and make you feel frustrated. Well, in this case, you are exactly at the right place.

Previously, I wrote about the Crack finder which assists in finding the cracks avoiding the hectic job of visiting sites with adult content. That also kills frustration just like Easy Subtitle Converter does by assisting in finding the subtitles.

Note: TechSkipper.com takes no responsibility in promoting the software assisting in finding Cracks. This information has been provided for fun only, if you like any software, purchase it to give full credit to the developer.

Easy Subtitle Converter, just like Craggle is a portable program which is able to convert 5 subtitle formats to 20 different formats. Lets look at its conversion capabilities:

Can Convert

MPL2, SubRipper, TMPlayer, MicroDVD & Dual.









ViPlay,WincapsTextTimecoded, ZeroG.

Easy Subtitle Converter has an easy to use interface as shown below:


You can hit ‘Add’ button to add the subtitle files and then hit ‘Start’ button after setting the output format and there you go.

Download Easy Subtitle Converter

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