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It is quite obvious that an iPhone user will be using its camera and then uploading or sharing the same. To upload or share large images was a problem and it took minutes. Now the iPhone users can use the services of “Shrink Pic” an application that us easy to use and a perfect tool for uploading pictures. it works with a number of applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Skype, Thunderbolt and many more. It works in the background and resizes the image according to users input, thus making it easy to upload/share them. It can even do multiple photos at the same time.

Shrink Pic 1 Shrink Pic 2

Works with Windows only: This free utility Shrink Pic runs in the background and automatically resizes the image that you attach to your email or upload.

The shrink does not affect the quality of the image to a great extent and it doesn’t even take a lot of time. It saves the original picture in a temporary directory and compresses that leaving the original picture as it was. Compression can also be done in different levels and pictures can be saved from five different types to save to. A portable version is also available to it can be easily installed on a USB device so that images do not need to be resized again, even on other computers.

Supported Platforms:

Web Browsers: Email Clients: Instant Messaging:
Internet Explorer Vista Mail MSN Messenger
Firefox Outlook Skype
Opera Outlook Express  
  Poco Mail  

Download Shrink Pic from here.

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