Comparison of Different Operating Systems – How To

Most of us spend hours looking for the perfect computer for us but mostly overlook the operating system ‘OS’. For a normal user it is a difficult task to choose an OS. Here I will help you know what to look for when choosing and OS.

The best way to choose is after comparison with other possible candidates. Some of the features and qualities you need to look for while doing so are:

  • User Friendliness
  • Compatible software availability
  • Capability to share files
  • Office Application
  • Multimedia
  • Programming capabilities
  • Studio applications

These features are briefly discussed below,

User Friendliness

Not all OS are alike and have the same level of difficulty, or the users take different amounts of time for understanding and getting used to different OS. Some are easy for the user to understand, some in the moderate category and others are only for the expert users. Such as Mac OSX is easy to use it has menus and dialogue boxes everywhere and they tell you exactly what to do, where as in windows and other OS there is nothing of this sort. Another aspect that needs to be addressed is the familiarity of the user with the OS. A Linux user will not be comfortable using Windows, Mac OSX or BSD and vice versa.

Compatible Software Availability

It is very important to know what you have to do on your machine, to know what sort of software you need to run with the OS. Free and commercial software’s are available for Windows but a larger variety of open source software’s is available with Linux. Mac OSX has a limited support for third party software’s. Linux does not have any commercial alternative whereas both Linux and Mac OSX don’t have many specialized software’s. Mac OSX has an edge over Linux over one thing, working on multimedia files is relatively much easier because of the intro suite application it has.

Compatibility to Share Files

If you work in an office or have to share your pictures with friends, your OS should have the support to receive and send files. According to current stats most of computer users use Windows so a large variety of file formats are available for file sharing and file sharing becomes easy and convenient. Other Operating systems can also share files that are best suited for Windows but the users are less. Furthermore there are a lot of formats suited to all OS which means multimedia file sharing within OS is not a problem but getting the right file format is necessary.

Office Applications

Software that is widely used today is office. Most of the people use Microsoft Office which is available for Windows, Linux as well as in Mac OSX but not directly instead Microsoft Office uses WINE or Crossover for Linux and Mac OSX. Open office is also available and is free with all OS. The factor to consider now is the format they use, Windows uses doc and Open office uses OOXML.


As already discussed, multimedia support is necessary. Playing music and video files is best suited for Windows and Mac OSX. Playing these file on Linux would require restricted software. iLife is a good software to run multimedia files on Mac OSX, its good but beginners.

Studio Applications

Windows being the widely used OS has a studio application and so does Mac OSX. The users of Linux and BSD will have to use the open source applications.

Programming Capabilities

As it mentioned earlier, it is very necessary as to what is your requirement, what sort of work you have to do on your machine. If you have to do programming then Linux and BSD are the best platforms. Mac OSX does not support programming whereas Windows has a lot of third party IDE’s.

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