Classic Options Possible on Windows 7

Thank you to Classic Shell for giving back the users of Windows some of the features they had been missing in Windows 7 and Vista but were present in XP. Biggest and popular most example being the Classic Main Menu. It is free and has an open source. Double thumbs up!!


It gives you the option to select both or either of the two features that have been made possible with Windows 7. First is the Classic Main Menu and second is the Classic Explorer. Main menu showing have the drag and drop facility and showing the recently used documents and navigation by keyboard. Classic Explorer puts an additional toolbar with buttons like UP, Delete and Copy/paste and many other changes. If you want one the second will not use any of your precious computer resources.

It has 64 bit support and the drop down facility along with right click management. Windows 7 start Menu is good enough to get recommended by its users but for those of us who like doing things the old fashioned way. It is for you and even if you want to use Windows 7 Start Menu, you can access it by simply shift+click on the start button.

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