Best free antivirus – SMART VIRUS REMOVER

Here is good news for those people who are sick and tired of viruses in their computer and have installed many antivirus removers but still can’t remove all the viruses, “SMART VIRUS REMOVER” is a small but very effective and useful program (Thanks to It can remove 50 different viruses. Its unique feature not only removes all the viruses from your computer and restore your computer same as before viruses were infected. It means that none of your data is damage and you get your computer as nothing had happened.



  • SMART Anti Virus remover restores
  • Enables Task Manager
  • Enables Registry Editor
  • Enables Command Prompt
  • Folder Options show hidden files and Folder problems
  • Can write protect the USB drive
  • Removes viruses from USB
  • Enables and disables USB write protect
  • Delete autorun.inf file (reason for drives not opening on double click)
  • Resolves problems like “No Run” and “No search option”

Free Download:

Click on the image below to download Smart Virus Remover for free



  • ravmon.exe
  • smss.exe
  • newfolder.exe
  • AntiVirus 2009
  • Trojan Dropper
  • Isass
  • Vbe.virus
  • Virus.Macromedia.
  • Flash
  • dynrn6e.cmd,
  • abk.bat,
  • safemass,
  • system.exe,
  • vmwareservicevirus,
  • service.exe,
  • cftmon.exe,
  • sbsb.exe,
  • runme,
  • reg32.exe,
  • dir32.exe,
  • explorer.exe,
  • scsaver.exe,
  • spoolsv.exe,
  • jwgkvsq.vmx,
  • msupdate,
  • rcukd.cmd,
  • notepadvirus,
  • CD.exe virus

Smart Virus Remover


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  • Sam says:

    What is Abk.bat?

    Abk.bat is a virus

    Step 1:

    Remove Abk.bat virus from computer.

    1). Goto start > run > regedit

    Delete this entry-:
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run kamsoft

    Step 2: Reboot to another os preferably linux or to same system

    Delete all autorun.inf files made by the abk.bat infection

    Delete all abk.bats from all drives.

    Step 3:

    We cannot see the file unless we make all hidden files unhidden.
    To enable the folder options >view>show hidden files and folders radiobutton

    Goto HKlocal machine > software > microsoft > windows > current version > explorer > advanced > folder >hidden> showall > click on checkedvalue and make its value 1

    Then untick the hide protected os files in folderoptions >view
    Now the abk.bat files will be visible delete all of then including autorun.inf

    Now Restart your computer and you are done

  • fjav says:

    I have encountered sowar.vbs on my pc, and eliminate it in command prompt using attrib to disable it hidden attributes, and I delete it in registry. Can you include this in your smart virus remover because I suspect it is a virus. Maybe this may help. Thanks.

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