Best DVD Ripping Tools – Top 5

In today’s world everybody wants maximum information in minimum space. It would be even better if a dedicated space is not required for that particular information and it be easily transferred from one location to other.


Here are the top 5 used and voted tools used to rip, backup and encode a DVD.

  • DVD Shrink
  • DVD Fab
  • Handbrake
  • Any DVD
  • DVD Decrypter

A brief description of them all is provided below.

DVD Shrink (Windows, Free):


DVD Shrink is free software and as its name says, it is good at shrinking DVD’s. DVD’s usually come is 2 different formats, the smaller DVD-5 (4.7GB) and DVD-9 (8.5GB). This software helps you shrink the DVD-9 to a smaller, standard and less expensive DVD-5 format. DVD Shrink has been made to handle many new schemes but it is not capable removing some of the latest schemes.

DVD Fab (Windows, $50):


Unlike DVD Shrink, DVD Fab is not free, but if it cost something then it brings some new tricks with it as well. It along with shrinking the DVD-9 to a standard DVD-5 disc formats, is up to date on the current protection schemes. It gives the option of ripping the entire disc, only one portion, or even split it into pieces. It has a big bag of options only after the protection has been removed.

Handbrake (Windows/Mac/Linux, Free):


Handbrake is yet another free software with a lot of good options and a few shortcomings as well. It is not only a DVD Ripping tool but its other major feature is the recording of media for other non-disc based system. It has the ability to convert DVD’s and other MPEG based videos into MKV and MP4 files, also gives its users the leverage to change codec audio playback and video frame rate. You can also encode all your desired media files in one time, saving time.

One main drawback is, that it does not have any built in copy protection removal tools, so 3rd party stripping tool is at times required to prepare a DVD for conversion.

AnyDVD (Windows, $60 per year):


It is once again one of those software’s that are charged for. It is not cheap the price stands high at $60 per year but the discounts become big as the number of subscription years increase. The price does not go waste because AnyDVD stands on top of present protection and encryption schemes. Some of the extra added features that make it stand out are its ability to remove forced subtitles, warning screens and any other unwanted material on the disc. It also gives the option to control the playback speed of a DVD so that when this DVD is played on media center computers will play it slower and quieter.

DVD Decrypter (Windows, Free):


This is another free software, once again provided for Windows. It is a old software and has not been updated since 2005 but still people do like to use it. It still works on many different DVDs. Its old and new users both are satisfied because of its ability to penetrate through the copy protection on their current DVDs protected with CSS, Macrovision content protection, region codes, and other hindrances.

Here was a brief description of top 5 DVD encoding/ripping softwares. Their selection is based upon their popularity amongst the users.

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