How to delete your YouTube Account?


The term ‘Social Suicide’ was a buzz a few months back when ‘Web 2.0 Suicide Machine’ was introduced that could delete your social networking accounts with just a single mouse click. This website was successful in motivating people to remove their virtual friends and get back to the real world; in just a small period of time over 500 people deleted their facebook accounts and as a result facebook banned this application.

There could be several reasons other than a suicide for deleting your account whether it is facebook, myspace, youtube, twitter or any other social networking website account. Here, I am going to demonstrate how you can delete your youtube account once for all.

Step 1: Login to your account and go to the account settings as shown in the following snap. I have put a black strip over my account name to keep the anonymity.


Step 2: Go to Manage Account >> Delete Account. Write a reason for the account deletion and click ‘Delete Account’ to remove your account. That’s all !


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