Windows 7 – Manage settings in one place

Many people are facing difficulty in getting use-to with the new interface of Window, since the launch of Windows Vista. The locations of many settings have been changed and people find it difficult to locate setting, which are almost different from that in Windows XP.


This problem has now been solved by “Windows 7 in a Box”. Through this you can;

  1. Find each and every tool and setting from within the Windows 7 in a Box.
  2. Portable tool, no need to install it.
  3. Can be run smoothly from anywhere, desktop, any folder, or USB
  4. Designed to guide about the new operating system from Microsoft
  5. Everything is on the placed Desktop

When we talk about everything on the desktop it includes:

  • Theme setting
  • Parental control
  • Free Spyware, Adware, and Malware

With all these placed in a box, everything is easy to navigate and finishes all the frustration caused in searching all the setting. Windows 7 in a Box does everything within seconds. Below is a screen shot of Windows 7 in a Box! Where different menus and lists in the menus are shown



Above is a screenshot of one of the list in the menu. Each and every menu consists of almost all the setting. Windows 7 in a Box is n excellent which can store all the setting in just one place which is easily accessible. You can download Windows 7 in a Box.

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