How to: get more icons in the System tray for Windows 7

Before Windows 7, it was difficult to choose what you should and shouldn’t add in Windows system tray. It is something that shows the status icons for various system elements like volume etc and the program running in the background like your anti-virus software. Earlier it was uncommon to have so many icons littered down on the toolbar. But Microsoft has made it easy for you to choose what you want to see on the Windows System Tray.

How to show more icons in the Windows 7 System Tray:

  • First click the small white arrow on the left edge of the System Tray.
  • There you’ll see system/program icons that are not configured for full-time appearance in the tray.
  • Now, click Customize.


  • Here you’ll see a list of Notification Area Icons (in Windows 7 it is termed as “System Tray Stuff”).
  • Click the drop down shown in front of icons, it will show three choices:
  1. Show icon and notifications
  2. Hide icon and notifications
  3. Only show notifications

These are very simple and easy steps to understand. The good thing about this is that, whatever changes that you will make will appear immediately in the system tray, for you to know how the icons will look like in the tray; it’s kind of a preview before finalizing the changes. Now you just need to click OK and changes will be made permanently until you change them manually again.

you can make changes as you wish like if you don’t want Windows 7 Action Center icon cluttered on the Tray but you wish to be notified if any issue appear: so for the set it to “Only Show Notification”. And for example if you want your printer’s icon to be shown on the tray then it’s good to set it to “Sow icon and notification”.

Everything is in your hand, you decide and choose what should be and shouldn’t be there on the System Tray.

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