Disable and Turn Off (or Customize) AutoPlay Features in Windows 7

Since Windows XP, AutoPlay and AutoRun features are the most exposed areas usually exploited as a spreading mechanism by few malware in order to target unprotected computers. The function of AutoRun is to automatically start the program when any device like USB (storage tool), CD, Memory card etc in inserted in the computer. And AutoPlay is a Windows feature which allows the user to select from the options based on contents like pictures, music, video files etc which program they want to run, after examining any new removable device in the computer.


In order to address the users concern on this matter and to encourage their confidence, Redmond Company has introduced some influential changes in both the functions (AutoPlay and AutoRun) in Windows 7. The users of Windows 7 must have noticed by now that the AutoPlay feature no longer supports the AutoRun function for nay non-optical removable media. When the CD/DVD is inserted in the computer only then the AutoRun features works, and when a USB device is inserted the AutoRun won’t be initiated. With these changes in the Windows 7, Microsoft hopes that it will reduce the chances of spreading malicious program through AutoRun.

However, The AutoPlay can be shut down manually by simply following some steps;

  1. Go to Start Menu
  2. Go to Control Panel
  3. Then Hardware and Sound
  4. Then click AutoPlay
    • Click on “Change default Setting for media or devices”


    • Uncheck the box “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices”


You can also customize the preferred setting manually.


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