‘Auto Mute’ 2.7 can mute your computer on start up

Auto Mute

Auto Mute 2.7 – Why do we need it ?

Have you ever experienced a situation where you were embarrassed when your computer made a loud sound of startup while sitting in a conference room or a meeting? Well, if such a thing ever happened to you and you wanted to mute your PC voice and always forgot to do it, this small utility known as ‘Auto Mute’ is for you.

Auto Mute Functionality

Auto Mute shuts down the computer volume so that when computer is logging off or starting up, you won’t listen the startup/log off sound. Other than that, it can also mute the screen saver volume in case it has background music.

Lastly, these three sounds i-e startup, shutdown and screensaver background music can be controlled with a shortcut key of your choice. The default key is Ctrl+F10 but it can be user defined as well.

Auto Mute Free Download

Auto Mute is visible as a Music icon on the system tray. Auto Mute is free software whether you use it for personal or business activities. It can be downloaded as follows:

Download Auto Mute 2.7


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