Disappearing car doors can make the difference!

 Disappearing Car Door Concept

People use different methods to get noticed like showing off an expensive cell phone, throwing awesome parties, getting well dressed at all times and the list goes on but checkout this car concept which requires you to do nothing while showing off; an automatic way to get noticed.

Imagine a situation where you don’t have to open up your car doors rather they disappear on pressing of a button just like an automatic car door window coming down. The advantage is two fold; first, you can even park your car very near the other parked cars since you don’t require large door opening space any more, second, you get out with an ease without hassling with the door. Check the following video demonstration.

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How to print documents from IPHONE or IPAD

iPads are on display at the Apple store on the day of the release.

CREDIT: Bryan Derballa/Wired.com

The latest mobile OS by Apple comes with a much demanded feature of wireless printing. However, there is one setback; it will only print from the printers which have been labeled as “AirPrint-compatible”. Since, not everyone own the wireless printer, the problem doesn’t seem to fade away even with new iphone OS.

AirPrint Activator v1.0 offers a solution for Macs to set up wireless printing with iOS 4.2 with any printer shared on your network. You will require the following:

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Upside down hanger bag for shopping season

upside down hanger bag

Welcome to the shopping season of 2010. Whether you are buying gifts for your friends or getting hold of black Friday deals for yourself, shopping bag seems to be an integral part of your shopping session. Long hectic sessions of shopping especially in a great rush of people seem to be overwhelming, shopping bags which are uncomfortable to hold add to the pain.

A dual-purpose bag presented by DEDE DextrousDesign gives a relief. You can get hold of this bag comfortably; it’s perfect for carrying clothes. The upside down hanger on the bag is detachable which implies that you can use it to hang clothes as you reach home. The project is titled as “Get the Hang of It” and we expect to see more designs under this project in future.

Carry me home baby, happy shopping!!

Cool coca-cola bottle design


Bored of the old design of coke bottle? Check this one! Its sleek, sexy and slim. Above all, it will be designed to keep the drink chill for a while. Of course, you will have to pay some extra bucks to get this stuff but it would worth its cost. Jerome Olivet is the designer of this bottle. Check the following video:

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Calculate how rich you are!

People are always wondering how rich they might be in this world of 6 billion people. Statistics reveal that riches accumulate the first 5% of the total world population. The millionaires are billionaires are found in the fraction of the top 1%. The website globalrichlist.com has come up with a brilliant idea; they have developed this web tool which calculates how rich you are based on the figures released by World Bank.

A person earning a million dollar an year would be the 107,565th richest person on earth. The website encourages helping the poor by making a donation if you are surprised with the fact that you are richer than you actually thought.

Calculate how rich you are!

Pirata Boat Race games use both PC and iPhone/iPod Touch

Pirata Boat game has been created by ‘Pirata London’ and features to use iPhone/iPod Touch as a remote to play the game right on your PC screens. It is a virtual boat race game in which 5 persons can board a single boat and race with other contestants. The iPhone/iPod Touch is to be used to row the oars. That certainly reminds us of a Wiimote. Continue reading »

Protect your kindle from water with KlearKase

Ever heard of a water proof casing for Kindle? Well, here we are with a transparent casing that can protect your Kindle from being water sick. The polycarbonate case only weighs 6 ounces, so you’ll merely feel an increase in weight. Don’t overestimate the effectiveness of this casing; you might not be able to plunge it into water since it is only splash proof. However, it can save your electronics unless Kindle is a reader of your choice after an iPad buzz.


Hopscotch Calculator brought back those old memories

I certainly remember the days when I was a kid and used to play hopscotch with my friends back then. In the beginning, I was not able to make it through to the last box though; I practiced it enough to be a hopscotch champ. Well, its time to pull those memories back with a calculator keypad designed with the hopscotch play arena in mind. That’s just a 8-digit calculator offering basic math operation and smart enough to carry it around with great ease but wait a sec, my math is not that poor, so I won’t need that in my pocket anyways. Sure enough, if you have a math problem, this tiny electronic creature can help you.

New Features in Windows 7: Aero Shake and Aero Peek

Here is good news for Windows 7 users; Microsoft has introduced two new user experiences “Aero Shake” and “Aero Peek”. These features will satisfy the Windows users, who demanded flashier graphical user interface after the launch of Windows Aero GUI, and for interaction want Natural User Interface (NUI) model.

With Aero Shake you can quickly and instantly minimize all the non-active open windows by just shaking the application window and fives the power in your hand. When you want to bring the Desktop back to its previous state you just need to shake the windows again. To use Aero Shake for minimizing all inactive windows to taskbar you need to:

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How to: Remove Pinned Programs From the Taskbar in Windows 7

Earlier in our post we told you about the Windows 7 feature of how you can pinned your most frequently used programs on the Taskbar for you to easily access them. By default, when users move their mouse pointer over these pinned, you will be able to have a quick thumbnail preview of all the running programs. Some of the users may find this feature very useful as with this you can conveniently execute the program which you use frequently. But some users may find this feature uncomfortable and want to make it disable.


So if you are one the users who want to disable this feature from showing on the Taskbar, you can easily do this with the help of some simple configuration to the Local Group policy Editor.

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